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As a husband and father of 3, when the Lord called me to FIRE two years ago, I knew we would be stepping out on a life changing journey. But I had no idea what an incredible journey it would be! As a family, our life has completely changed. We know that we aren’t simply attending school, we have joined ourselves to a larger family; a community that God began forming more than a dozen years ago at a church in Pensacola, Florida. The FIRE DNA is unique, and we are honored to have it burning inside of us!

One of the reasons that I came to FIRE was because I wanted to be part of a school that upheld the authority of Scripture while still demonstrating a life of power in the Spirit. FIRE is unique in that it strikes a biblical balance between what is oftentimes two extremes (theology/doctrine on one side and “charis-mania” on the other). FIRE exceeded my expectations. The teachers at FIRE could easily be at some of the leading institutions in the world, but are choosing instead to pour into an intimate group of radical disciples thirsty for the Kingdom of God. The students benefit from the faculties sacrifice.

My life will never be the same because of my time at FIRE. Then again, I know that I will always be a part of FIRE.

Neil Broere

I came to FIRE because the peace of God led me here. I remained at FIRE because the grace of God kept me here. And as I look back on my time here I realize that every part of it was God ordained. From the day I got to FIRE School the Lord began to send people my way that have really impacted my life. I really love this school and appreciate all it has done to help me grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s not just a school to me it’s a family.

I want to thank all of the leaders for their example to each of the students and for pouring their lives out for the Lord to be glorified and to see this generation impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other place like FIRE on earth. God has laid out a specific destiny for this ministry and only calls people to FIRE who are willing to go through a real season of testing. Once you enter into FIRE you will begin a purifying process that hurts to begin with. But the refining and tuning that takes place is worth every ounce of pressure that is put on you spiritually.

I am sad to leave a place that is so dear to my heart but I know that we come to FIRE to be sent out again. I look forward to hearing all that will be coming out of FIRE School of Ministry in the future. And if you are not a part of FIRE but are reading this and wondering whether or not you should go here to school. The answer is yes! God has so radically changed life through FIRE and I know He can and will do the same for you!

Christian Gingrich

Fire School of Ministry is a school to develop and train serious committed followers of Christ who will take the gospel message to the ends of the earth. This generation is looking for a people who are consumed by God and consumed by His Word. They want to see something real and we as a Church should be that representation to them.

This is what Fire has produced in me a hunger to see genuine revival among the nations and a restoration of the holiness of God. It has grounded me in the Word and in prayer and has produced in me a day to day death to self and trust in Christ. I am more jealous to see the true gospel proclaimed and to see God glorified throughout this generation.

May we see this in our day by us counting the cost, not saving our lives but losing it, and by being a prophetic interruption.

Gabriel Sanchez

I came to FIRE on fire for The Lord and seeking more and I found a group of people who are committed to the Lord and his purposes. So, If you’re hungry, Come and join us!

Lost in him,

Jorge Valenzuela

I am from Malawi, Africa.
In 1994, one year after I was born again, I dreamed that T.L Oborne, an American evangelist had invited me to come to America to serve as a missionary. He was personally training me. I did not know much about T.L Osborn then but after I woke up from the dream, I decided to write him and ask for his materials. He sent me a carton of books and tapes on Evangelism and Discipleship. After studying these materials, my life was radically changed. I became so active in evangelism and discipleship. My local church appointed me as Leader of Evangelism and Church planting. We preached the Gospel and planted many churches in the city and rural areas.

Peace Matthew Ndalama