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I grew up in a split home with both parents teaching me about God and bringing me to
church throughout most of my childhood. I always believed in Jesus, but I could never say that I
truly knew Him. This reality came to light whenever I turned sixteen and began to make some of
my own decisions. I fell away from God completely and was lost for over three years in a life of
pornography, lust, hate, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Thankfully, I dated a girl sporadically for
those three years, which inspired me to be in church whenever we were together. However,
there was never any change that came in my life just by my attendance. That was my lifestyle
until I was nineteen years old and decided to move away for a new job in the fracking business
in Jane Lew, WV. I was blessed with this new job, making a lot of money, and with all intentions
to marry the girl I dated throughout most of my teen years. That was the plan until we broke up
after three weeks into my new job. I was crushed, completely heartbroken. Thankfully, by the
grace of God, I knew that only Jesus could take away the pain inside so I called out for Him to
forgive me and I offered Him my life. Instantly, He responded. I was born again!

Fast-forward six months, and you’ll find me with the same job, but feeling a deep burden
to quit and pursue God in ministry. I knew I was called into the ministry; although, I had no idea
where to go besides home. My mother advised me to call my uncle, who was a missionary in
Canada at the time and seek wisdom for what I was to do. I called, and he told me the Lord was
moving him back to Charlotte, North Carolina and I should consider moving there as well to go
to Fire School of Ministry because that is where “radicals for Jesus get trained”. I was enticed
and after checking the school’s website I decided I should visit the church. A few weeks later I
made my first visit to Fire Church, and the Lord spoke to my spirit, letting me know I was to be in
the school. A few weeks later I was accepted into the school and began my new journey in the
fall of 2015. So far, the Lord has done a significant work within me. I feel that he’s made me and
continues to transform me into a new person by taking me out of my comfort zone and seeking
His face more and more. I feel that He is calling me to travel and preach Jesus wherever I go. I
play guitar and love to play music on the streets when we minister to others. I believe the Lord
not only called me to Fire to be changed or equipped but to be a light in the city of Charlotte
while I am here. A lot has happened in our city over the last two years, and I believe there is a
work of the Lord that will cause revival to sweep over the city and our nation. Charlotte, the
nation, and the world need to know Jesus and who He truly is. My job is to know Him, be known
by Him, and to make Him known to others. Fire School of Ministry has taught me to pursue and
carry that out over the last year and a half. I look forward to the second half of my training and
want to experience more and more of Jesus and His glory for the rest of my time on earth.

All for Him and Him Only,
Zane Morris

Like most Christians, my spiritual walk began in high school. As a teen, I was influenced a lot by my friends, who were mostly Mormon. Thinking this was the right way, I fervently pursued Mormonism to the point of nearly being baptized in the Mormon Church. Because of this, my mother decided to take me to a nondenominational church, first by force, then at my delight. I started to realize the deception I was in and began to fall in love with the truth of who Jesus really was. During the song “Amazing Grace”, I gave my life to Jesus and He set me free. I wish I could say that I followed the Lord from that day on, but unfortunately that was not the case. After graduation, I went to the College of Charleston in South Carolina and quickly joined a sorority. Like so many other college students, I became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and partying. I gave myself to too many lesser lovers and got nothing in return but rejection, hurt, depression and emptiness. After being horribly cheated, I hit the lowest point of my life. I felt so worthless, so unloved and rejected. I cried out to the Lord in my brokenness and I felt His loving arms wrap around me. He told me I am worth so much more than what I was living for. Jesus picked me up off those old Charleston wooden floors in my bedroom and dusted me off. He called me out of the sin I was living in and gave me a new life in Him. I pursued healing for about a year, when the Lord told me to come to FIRE School of Ministry. I initially rejected the idea, but after trusting Him, I decided there was no other plan for my life I wanted then His. I applied, got accepted and moved to Charlotte all 10 days before my first Immersion. I gave up my life that first semester. And after completely giving Jesus my heart, He began to give me His heart for Muslim women and children. I believe God has called me to the Middle East to bring the love of the Father to a people who desperately need the hope of Jesus Christ. Since being here at FIRE School of Ministry, I have learned many things, but the most foundational truth is that we are here for one purpose alone, and that is to bring Glory to the King who deserves it all.

Alisha Groves

I came out of a life of bi polar depression, drugs, drinking, partying, exotic dancing, promiscuity and abuse which led to self-destruction and attempted suicide. I have been walking with the Lord, set free, delivered and healed for 7 years. I had been working a desk job since I was 25 years old and I felt there had to be more to my walk with Jesus that sitting behind a desk. I went to a church and witnessed a Bible school full of students loving Jesus, learning the Word and applying it to their lives to be true radical Disciples of Christ. That’s what I wanted to do! I wanted more of Jesus! I decided to leave my life in NYC, dropping my career that I worked hard to obtain after so many years and also leaving my family to follow Jesus. I found Fire School of Ministry that taught and moved in the supernatural and that’s exactly what the Lord has called me to. I am now immersed in the presence and love of God, growing and strengthening a relationship with my Lord and Savior. I am in training to be a true disciple and minister to walk in Holiness and righteousness, being set apart as I am led by the Holy Spirit to answer the Great Commission and my calling in Inner Healing and Deliverance to set the captives free. What a beautiful, fulfilling journey it has been so far to this day. Thank you Jesus!

Jasmine Erdaide

I was raised in a typical Puerto Rican home and, like most Hispanics, my family practiced Roman Catholicism. When I say practiced, I use this term loosely, as we truly only went to mass intermittingly, eventually limiting out interaction solely to holidays and finally, we stopped going all together. My parents believed in God and to this day they still do. My father actually was studying to be a priest in his youth for the Catholic Church, mostly due to him being raised in a Catholic Boys home in New York City. My mother’s family practiced witchcraft before I was ever born and it died off when she was a little girl. We even had some missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints come and “preach” to us when I was in about the fifth grade but nothing ever really stuck.

When we moved to a new area in Upstate New York, this is where I took it upon myself to “re-invent” myself. My siblings (I am one of thirteen) took it upon themselves to do the same. I then entered high-school as a young man full of pride with something to prove and plagued by a disturbing promiscuous lifestyle. It was in this condition that I graduate in June of 2007 and in enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in October of that year. The Marine Corps has a way of enhancing any man’s arrogance and I was no different. It was April of 2008 that everything changed because that is when I met Heather. She was the first real Christian I had ever met and it messed with me. She invited me to church and was so loving; even her parents welcomed into their family with open arms. This love from them is what set up my salvation on November 28th of 2008 and it was in their living room. Heather and I were married in April 24th 2010, two years to the day that we had met.

Everything seemed okay in our lives but in 2013, everything we knew was turned upside down. I has served the Marine Corps faithfully for five years and had just returned from a seven month deployment when in 2012, when the Marine Corps Unit I was in informed me that I was being separated due to my weight. The thing that had defined my entire adult life. I began to return to lustful thoughts and battled them for a year. In September of 2013, with an addiction of pornography kept in secret, I committed adultery and ruined everything that I knew. My wife was crushed and my church was completely shocked; it blew up my entire world. But God shined through because after confessing my sin to my wife, her first words to me through tears were this: “I want to fight for this marriage.” As I look back at this memory I know it was God saying, “Eddie, I am going to fight for you.”

Today I stand a man redeemed as King David and I preserve to let others know that the fight for righteousness I worth it. Our marriage is stronger than ever before and I have a living, breathing alter to the Lord that reminds me of His redeeming power in my life. It is my son Judah Gabriel, which means Praise Devoted to God and for the rest of my life, I will carry the message that our lives need to be an act of praise devoted to our God.

Eddie Gonzalez

As a husband and father of 3, when the Lord called me to FIRE two years ago, I knew we would be stepping out on a life changing journey. But I had no idea what an incredible journey it would be! As a family, our life has completely changed. We know that we aren’t simply attending school, we have joined ourselves to a larger family; a community that God began forming more than a dozen years ago at a church in Pensacola, Florida. The FIRE DNA is unique, and we are honored to have it burning inside of us!

One of the reasons that I came to FIRE was because I wanted to be part of a school that upheld the authority of Scripture while still demonstrating a life of power in the Spirit. FIRE is unique in that it strikes a biblical balance between what is oftentimes two extremes (theology/doctrine on one side and “charis-mania” on the other). FIRE exceeded my expectations. The teachers at FIRE could easily be at some of the leading institutions in the world, but are choosing instead to pour into an intimate group of radical disciples thirsty for the Kingdom of God. The students benefit from the faculties sacrifice.

My life will never be the same because of my time at FIRE. Then again, I know that I will always be a part of FIRE.

Neil Broere

I came to FIRE because the peace of God led me here. I remained at FIRE because the grace of God kept me here. And as I look back on my time here I realize that every part of it was God ordained. From the day I got to FIRE School the Lord began to send people my way that have really impacted my life. I really love this school and appreciate all it has done to help me grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s not just a school to me it’s a family.

I want to thank all of the leaders for their example to each of the students and for pouring their lives out for the Lord to be glorified and to see this generation impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other place like FIRE on earth. God has laid out a specific destiny for this ministry and only calls people to FIRE who are willing to go through a real season of testing. Once you enter into FIRE you will begin a purifying process that hurts to begin with. But the refining and tuning that takes place is worth every ounce of pressure that is put on you spiritually.

I am sad to leave a place that is so dear to my heart but I know that we come to FIRE to be sent out again. I look forward to hearing all that will be coming out of FIRE School of Ministry in the future. And if you are not a part of FIRE but are reading this and wondering whether or not you should go here to school. The answer is yes! God has so radically changed life through FIRE and I know He can and will do the same for you!

Christian Gingrich

Fire School of Ministry is a school to develop and train serious committed followers of Christ who will take the gospel message to the ends of the earth. This generation is looking for a people who are consumed by God and consumed by His Word. They want to see something real and we as a Church should be that representation to them.

This is what Fire has produced in me a hunger to see genuine revival among the nations and a restoration of the holiness of God. It has grounded me in the Word and in prayer and has produced in me a day to day death to self and trust in Christ. I am more jealous to see the true gospel proclaimed and to see God glorified throughout this generation.

May we see this in our day by us counting the cost, not saving our lives but losing it, and by being a prophetic interruption.

Gabriel Sanchez

I came to FIRE on fire for The Lord and seeking more and I found a group of people who are committed to the Lord and his purposes. So, If you’re hungry, Come and join us!

Lost in him,

Jorge Valenzuela

I am from Malawi, Africa.
In 1994, one year after I was born again, I dreamed that T.L Oborne, an American evangelist had invited me to come to America to serve as a missionary. He was personally training me. I did not know much about T.L Osborn then but after I woke up from the dream, I decided to write him and ask for his materials. He sent me a carton of books and tapes on Evangelism and Discipleship. After studying these materials, my life was radically changed. I became so active in evangelism and discipleship. My local church appointed me as Leader of Evangelism and Church planting. We preached the Gospel and planted many churches in the city and rural areas.

Peace Matthew Ndalama