Out of the FIRE pan, Into the flame

A soon-to-be graduate’s story
by Sean Brouillet

I hope to share a little of what is in my heart and why I chose FIRE School of ministry.  You see, I was 34 years old, joyously married to my wife, with four beautiful girls of my own, and I was finally content to tend my sheep on the back side of a mountain (at least that’s how it sometimes feels when you have a specific ministry burden from the Lord, but feel like you are set aside in a wilderness).  Yet, I was finally okay with serving the Lord in the place where I was.

I had tentatively pursued ministry training in the past, but had no release, and no sense of calling within the areas I sought to faithfully serve.  However, three years ago I abruptly lost a job in which I excelled at, and the doors were wide open for a life change.  In my own heart, and through the confirmation of others (especially my wife), I knew the time had come to officially undertake ministry school training, but I needed to know in my own heart “why?”  Did I need specific theological training?  Did I need to weigh my options for ministry?  Were there connections through which the Lord would open up ministry opportunities?  Maybe the answer to all of the above was a “yes,”  But why did I want to attend school, and why FIRE School?

FIRE School of ministry is the progeny of the Brownsville Revival, a mighty move of God in repentance, holiness, evangelism, and the power of the Spirit.  From prior knowledge of the revival I knew this was the DNA that I wanted to train under.  I didn’t want to just be “spiritual”, I wanted to be Christ-like, and I knew that that goal came with a cost, and only those who kept their eyes on the prize of the high call of God would exhort me to that end.  I trusted the Lord that FIRE School was a community who purpose was just that, a radical commitment to God in Christ, and an absolute reliance upon the Holy Spirit.  This was my personal aim.

In regards to ministry however, I had to answer the same questions.  What did I hope to gain after FIRE in regards to pursuing the burden of the Lord?  As I wrestled with putting my inner thoughts into words I realized that I had come to a point of maturity (I hope).  When you are young, ambition sometimes gets the better of you and your goal is to be like Paul: powerful, well known, honored (not that Paul thought of himself this way).  At this point however, what I saw within my heart was a desire to be like Timothy, a young man who served Paul faithfully, and when the time came Paul could send him as a “true son” in the Lord.  I wanted (and still want) to end my season of training and mentoring under FIRE School of ministry as a son in the faith; one whose character is a such a reflection of God’s grace in Christ that these true men and women of God could send me as Paul did Timothy.  “For this reason I have sent to you Timothy, who is my beloved and faithful child in the Lord, and he will remind you of my ways which are in Christ, just as I teach everywhere in every church” (1 Cor. 4:17).

I am now a 36 year old, third year student with FIRE School of Ministry, I still have a beautiful wife and four wonderful girls, and I am 3 months from graduating.  Looking back over the last three years I begin to ask myself, “what was imparted to me during this time, and what am I leaving to do?  I will graduate from FIRE knowing the following: All ministry is birthed by and sustained in the attitude of prayer, the rich treasures of God’s word have been hidden in my heart, I have been mentored and befriended by some of the truest men and women of God, I have been challenged in character and ministry, and finally I am being ushered forward to fulfill that high and holy call for the glory of Christ.

Lord, I do thank you for FIRE School and FIRE Staff.  They have served and sacrificed so much to raise up men and women who will glorify Christ Jesus, by life or by death.  They have poured out their very lives into us, so that we might pour ourselves out for others. May your grace sustain them, and your glory shine through them.  And as they send us out as Timothy was sent, may the world around us recognize that we are a “new Jesus people”,

“for to Him [God] be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus for all generations, forever and ever, amen (Eph. 3:21).

In the glorious love of Christ the King,

Sean Brouillet

Third Year Student

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