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FIRE School of Ministry is not only committed to the spiritual development of our students, but we also endeavor to provide a strong academic environment in which our students can be trained. We are committed to equipping our students by grounding them in the Word of God and in sound theological teaching, as well as providing hands-on opportunities for our students to be trained in various areas of ministry.

During their time at FIRE School of Ministry, students will be exposed to multiple settings that will assist in their leadership development, including the following dynamics:

  • Grow deep, deep roots into God’s awesome love for you.
  • Enter into a more intimate and mature walk with God.
  • Know the Word on a more advanced level.
  • Experience authentic, enduring relationships.
  • Receive practical tools to live and minister through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a radical, holy life.
  • Build solid confidence in your identity as God’s child and a new creation.
  • Feel greater release into your calling and destiny.
  • Cultivate a radical prayer life.


During their time at FIRE School of Ministry, students will take classes with various emphases, including:

Bible and Theology

Students will be grounded in the word and sound theology through classes such as:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Doctrinal Foundations
  • Biblical Exegesis

Christian Formation

Students will learn how to grow closer to God and be transformed into His image through classes such as:

  • Foundations for Intimacy with God
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Principles of Holiness
  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Leadership

Ministry Studies

Students will be equipped to live and minister through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit through classes such as:

  • Baptism and Gifts of the Spirit
  • Principles of Evangelism
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Revival History and Characteristics

Ministry Tracks

FSM students are able to specialize in the following areas during their tenure:

  • Evangelism/Missions
  • Pastoring/Teaching
  • Worship/Intercession

FIRE School of Ministry Distinctives

  • Biblical Studies/Academics – We promote and encourage a strong academic culture that assists in developing students theologically, mentally and doctrinally.
  • Mentoring – We deliberately focus on the personal mentoring of every student here at FSM. Each student is placed in small group settings with seasoned leaders who they spend time with on a weekly basis in order that through relationship, effective mentoring can and will occur.
  • Practical Ministry Experience – Every student is involved in actual ministry settings during their tenure at FSM. From outreach evangelism, to travel teams, to domestic and international mission’s trips, to children’s/youth ministry, to the house of prayer, etc., all students will experience multiple opportunities to engage in various ministry settings as their giftings are developed.