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About Bob Gladstone

Bob taught at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry from its beginning through 2000, and is on the leadership team at FIRE (Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism), which includes a local church, a school of ministry, and a missions sending organization. He oversees FIRE school of ministry, teaches there, and travels nationally and internationally speaking to churches, conferences, and ministry schools. He trains and preaches with the conviction that God is raising up a "New Jesus People" - a family of believers who are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, who bring God's Kingdom to earth through their lives, love, and power.

My Review of Noah – Robert Gladstone

I thought Noah was fantastic! Too many Christians have judged it without really seeing it.

And those who have taken the time to see it and still criticize it have not, in my view, seen it closely enough.

As true followers of Jesus, we simply should not be so shallow, judgmental, and old-fashioned. It’s time Christians join the times and be the salt and light God called us to be… Read on


This is the Kingdom

Bob Gladstone preaching about a rising generation. Read on