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Program Overview

For information about our current program, please see our currentĀ School Catalog.

For students who beganĀ before Fall 2018, information regarding our previous academic programs and requirements can be found in the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 School Catalog.

Faculty and Staff

All of our faculty members have years of ministry experience, and several of them are active in biblical scholarship and academic research and writing. To find out more about our faculty and staff, please visit the Faculty and Staff page.

Transfer of Credit /Accreditation

FIRE School of Ministry has partnered with three accredited universities, all of whom will accept FSM’s credits. This will help enable students to pursue further education after studying at FSM. Please see the Transfer of Credit page for more details.

Due to the call God has given FIRE School of Ministry to make mentoring and hands-on ministry training and experience such an integral part of our program, FIRE School of Ministry is not accredited at this time. Nevertheless, FIRE School of Ministry does place a high value on academic excellence and seeks to instill a sound biblical worldview and an advanced level of biblical understanding into all of our students.